Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Will Mother Nature please hit menopause so we can have a hot flash!? I'm SO tired of all this snow! Yesterday was my birthday and of course it decided to snow like 10 feet. So we were snowed in and had to order pizza.
But tomorrow it's out to eat at Olive Garden with the girls =]. Can't wait for some me time away from my brat. I love him to death, but sometimes I need a break away, or I'll reach that 'death' sooner than later! lol
Other than all the snow, I had a good birthday. Not bad for turning the big 2-0. Next year will be a lot funner ;]. 21!!!!

And thank you mom for dedicating your post to me yesterday! Check it out:

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sorry i haven't written in awhile. I've been really busy with my crabby kid. Double ear infections were going around the daycare and Zach caught it. But luckly, he only has a single ear infection. (I'd hate to see how he'd act with a double- YIKES!) He's been on his medication, so things are starting to go back to normal. We're finally back to getting full nights of sleep. YES! I love my sleep, Idk how I'll ever do it with two around!
Which brings me to my next subject. I had my anual womens doctor apointment. Well after all the drama happened with the ex, my mom wanted me to get a pregnancy test done and get a note saying I'm not pregnant, so I could tell my know-it-all step-dad he was wrong. Because of course, he always believes the enemy. Well the doctors come back in the room, and I'm expecting and reaching out for the 'Jessica is not pregnant' note, She says 'Your test came back positive, looks like your about 11 weeks. We're gonna check the heart beat to make sure everything is okay.' WHAT?!?!?! After my 20 second long heart attack, I laid back with an 'okay'. She sat there for a minute trying to find the baby with that cold little machine, and despite my doubts that i was actually pregnant...there it was...that tiny, fast, little heartbeat. CRAP! A million things ran through my head: What's my mom gonna say?, How the heck am I gonna raise 2 kids?, What's my family gonna think?. They gave me a due date of August 23rd.
I finally drove to my moms. First thing she says to me, "where's my note?" So i just said there, and by the look on my moms face, she knew. Of course she through her freak out moment. But were all okay with it now. And were hoping for the little girl we wanted before. =] When we told my little 5 year old sister how sissy had another baby inside her like Zachary was, she gave me a 'omg' look, and said "You laid down with ANOTHER boy and kissed them?! Thats where babies come from." lol It was the cutest thing.
I've got a couple names picked out. Boy: Bentley Michael. Girl: Either Peyton Ann or Jaelyn Marie.
I'm up for a wild ride. But I'm pretty sure i can handle this! (I think??)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Wewt. Man, has my passed couple of days been VERY eventful. I traveled all the way to Florida and laid on the beach for hours with nothing but peace and quiet.....HA! What i should say is that is what I would have RATHER been doing. Instead my physco ex decided to pop into my life once again. Zacharys dad and I are no longer together and haven't been since I was 8 months pregnant with Zachary. He is a controlling, possesive, mentally abusing...okay lets face it, I could go on all night. Lets just sum it up and say he is just...not a nice guy. Anyways, ever since Zach was born he has wanted to think that he shouldn't have to pay for and help me support our kid. And that he should still get all the benefits I do. And I'm sorry, but to me, that's not fair! I'm working my butt off all week long to raise this kid, while i am gettin $30 a month from him in child support. That $30 doesn't even put a dent into Zach's needs being met. So, once again, Justin thinks that if he ruins my life, he'll get to see Zach. [Did i mention he's not too smart either?] So this time, he decided he was gonna call my mom and tell her all these riduculous lies. He told her that I was pregnant again, that he was living with me, and all this stupid stuff. Number one, I'm 20 and living on my own. I dont have a problem telling my mother I'm pregnant. So i wouldn't have to lie about it. Number two, NEVER would I ever live with Justin. So somewhere in his little plan to ruin my life, he thought by pissing me off and getting my mom involved she was gonna let him see Zachary. HA! Lets see, last time I checked I was Zachary's mom, not my mom. So every decision comes down to me. So it's not to smart to piss me off.
MAN. I'm so glad Zachary got my brains. =]
So. That pretty much sums up my last couple of days. Oh the wonderful life i live. I'm just glad I have Zachary to make it all better. At least that A-hole gave me one good thing.