Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Will Mother Nature please hit menopause so we can have a hot flash!? I'm SO tired of all this snow! Yesterday was my birthday and of course it decided to snow like 10 feet. So we were snowed in and had to order pizza.
But tomorrow it's out to eat at Olive Garden with the girls =]. Can't wait for some me time away from my brat. I love him to death, but sometimes I need a break away, or I'll reach that 'death' sooner than later! lol
Other than all the snow, I had a good birthday. Not bad for turning the big 2-0. Next year will be a lot funner ;]. 21!!!!

And thank you mom for dedicating your post to me yesterday! Check it out:


Too Many Hats said...

Happy birthday!!! Have a great time out with the girls.

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